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The Ultimate Guide for Your Breckenridge Elopement

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Your Go-To Breckenridge Elopement Guide


Breckenridge Elopement Guide couple kissing near Sapphire Point

Snow-covered mountain peaks, epic vistas, and non-stop beauty that never ceases with seasons—yeah, Breckenridge has a lot to offer when it comes to top-notch CO epicness. You know what that means, right?

Breckenridge, Colorado is an amazing elopement spot—no matter what you want to do, no matter what time of year. Like I’ve mentioned before, I will happily sing Colorado’s praises for almost any reason ever—but I’m especially fond of CO as an elopement location. And TBH, it’s really hard to find a better Colorado elopement spot than Breckenridge.

This guide is going to dive into the deep details you need to make one of the most important decisions ever—where you and your partner should elope. From covering the top reasons to elope in Breck (and trust me, there are plenty) to breaking down seasonality, venues, epic spots, and more, this guide and I have you covered when it comes time to plan your Breckenridge elopement


Couple sharing their vows near Lake Dillon at Breckenridge



The Top Reasons to Elope in Breckenridge  

This list I’m presenting you has been massively whittled down to just a few of my fave reasons Breckenridge is a must-elope spot (like I said, just call me if you need someone to sing CO’s praises, OK). 

Read through this list but know something crucial—this is just the tip of the iceberg. Breck has so much to offer any and every couple out there, no matter what type of scenery you love, adventures you cherish, or seasons that speak to you. 


Breck Doesn’t Have an Off-Season

This is one of my absolute favorite things about Breckenridge—there’s no such thing as an off-season here. Unlike some other areas in Colorado—even some similar ski resort town—Breckenridge doesn’t close in the winter and stays open in the summer to appease both the skiing and mountain biking folks. It is so bustling that most restaurants, bars, and breweries stay open year-round, and CO makes damn sure to keep the mountain highways clear, too (in most cases). While more people typically means better accessibility throughout the entire year, it’s important to keep this in mind if you’re hoping for a 100% secluded elopement. (Then again, don’t sweat this too hard—I’ve got plenty of locations and recommendations to ensure you get the privacy you’re seeking). 


Activities Galore

Skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking—no matter what you’re into, Breckenridge has you covered. There are so many different activities to choose from (depending on the season, of course)—from 4×4 adventuring to hiking to helicopter tours and beyond, you’ll never find the adventures lacking in Breck. 


So Many Wedding Accommodations

The cool thing about choosing a place that’s technically a “resort town”—vendors are there and ready for you. Think about it, if you want delicious catering, amazing makeup artists, a verified wedding planner, and beyond, you’re more than likely going to have no issue picking out vendors you love in Breck. The best part? You’re truly not that far away from Denver—most vendors and wedding accommodations can be booked there. 


Epic Locations

Oh, yeah, on top of the few reasons we already covered, Breck is hella gorgeous, by the way. Breckenridge sits at 9,600 feet and is surrounded by an unbelievable alpine climate and summits stretching up to 14,265 feet. It’s almost always sunshine-y (very typical CO), absolutely stunning in every season, and effortlessly gives off the ultimate mountain elopement vibes. 



We’ll get even deeper into this reason in a few, but for now, but just know that I’m always going to include this as a reason to elope in any Colorado city or town. Self-solemnization basically means that you and your partner can get married without an official running your ceremony. That means no officiants, no witnesses, and no need for extra people at your wedding if you’re not about that life. 


Happenin’ Mountain Town Vibes

OK, if the epic locations, endless views, and non-stop opportunities for adventure weren’t enough to convince you, Breck is also just real freakin’ adorable. With tons of delish food options, plenty of killer mountain bars and breweries, coffee shops, and a cutesy downtown (that is downright dreamy when covered in snow, by the way), Breck is one of my top contenders for the most stunning and happening mountain town. 

Bride and groom eloping with son at alpine lake near Breckenridge


The Best Locations to Elope in Breckenridge  

OK, I’ve spent some time talkin’ a big game about how beautiful Breck is—now I’m going to put some money where my mouth is. If your interest has been totally piqued by all my Breck talk, you should def check out some of these best elopement locations in Breckenridge. 


Lake Dillon

Lake Dillon offers some incredible elopement options. There are so many beautiful spots to choose from that have either sandy beaches or mountain top views—plus, if you’re seeking a snowy elopement (without eloping in the middle of winter), it stays pretty snowy into Spring.

  • Sapphire Point: This beautiful point is just a short drive away from Breckenridge and overlooks both the Ten Mile Range and Dillon Reservoir. Sapphire Point is perfect if you want a small intimate wedding of up to 35 people. The site can be reserved; however, it is still open for the public so plan accordingly. 
  • Silverthorne Pavilion: Now, if you want your perfect day to be right beside the water, Silverthorne Pavilion will be the best choice for you. It even includes a spacious area for the reception just a short walk from the pavilion.
  • On a Sailboat: Yep, I said on a sailboat! This is very doable, totally perfect option if you want a very intimate and micro wedding on Lake Dillon.


Bride and groom dancing near shore of Dillon Lake


Boreas Pass

Another great spot overlooking the Colorado Rockies is the Boreas Pass. It is an off-road location surrounded by perfectly lined trees. My advice? I definitely recommend a 4WD with some clearance to really explore the right way. This pass is especially stunning in the fall—but, keep in mind that there will be a lot of other people wanting to enjoy these amazing views. 


Hoosier Pass

This pass is also near the Boreas Pass and, excitingly, it is less crowded. This location offers great views of lakes and mountains. Another cool thing? It’s perfect for any time of the year with plenty of cross-country skiing trails in the winter and hiking trails in the summer.


Blue Lakes Trail

Blue Lakes is a bold, brilliant, blue water reservoir located just 7.3 miles from Breckenridge. Just like all the other prime locations in Colorado, it also offers panoramic views of the great mountains with the added scenic beauty of the lake. It is a perfect destination for couples who want to be a bit adventurous but still ensure they have an intimate, private ceremony. 


Breckenridge Elopement Locations Map

Check out these amazing Breckenridge Elopement Locations and Venues on the map. These are just a few. I have lots more amazing hidden gems to share!



Let’s Talk Seasons: The Best Time of the Year to Elope in Breckenridge  

Breckenridge’s claim to fame is that there’s really no off-season—this means that, depending on the type of weather you enjoy, you can literally elope whenever in Breck.

Even though there’s really no bad time to elope in Breck, you and your partner should pick a season that speaks to you both—so, I’m going to lay out everything you need to know about Breck’s seasons. The most important thing to remember? Breck is high up in the mountains, so even if metro areas of CO are mild, the weather in the mountains could be a totally different ballgame. 


Fall in Breckenridge (September- November)

CO is famous for absolutely stunning Fall seasons—and with the aspen trees changing to glorious bright yellows and oranges, there’s literally no denying that. Fall happens a little sooner that high up, so if you’re seeking brilliant colors, you might want to opt for the end of Sept or early Oct for a fall elopement. Remember, it’ll still be pretty chilly at 9,000+ feet, so plan accordingly. 


Winter in Breckenridge (December-April)

Chilly temps, lots of snow, and if all goes according to plan, plenty of sunshine. Breck is a must for couples who want to ski, snowboard, snowshoe, or overall embrace a winter sport situation. One important thing to note is that while most areas in Breck will be accessible, it might be harder to travel outside of Breckenridge—in the winter, lots of passes, mountain tops, hikes, and beyond are closed for the season. 


Spring in Breckenridge (May-June)

Spring in Breck can be anything in the world—sunny and warm or chilly and wet. Spring in the mountains can be extra rewarding and gorgeous, but it can also be a total toss-up. If eloping in the spring, I always recommend a few backup plans just in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. 


Summer in Breckenridge (July-August)

I love a mountain summer elopement! The wildflowers are gorgeous, the temperatures are warm, and the sun is shining—but there is one caveat. Spontaneous summertime storms in Colorado are a real thing and they’re no joke.  


Couple eloping in the fall during the backyard Breckenridge elopement



The How-Tos & Paperwork: Breckenridge, Colorado Wedding Permit Details 

OK, OK, now to the part that might be a little boring (hey, I’m here to be straight-up with you, and paperwork just isn’t as exciting as talking about mountain elopement spots, right?). 

Let’s briefly dive into some must-know info about Breckenridge wedding licenses, permits, details, and more. 


Location Permits & Fees

Most places in Breck are totally on the table when it comes to eloping, but in most cases, you’ll have to have (and maybe pay for) a special permit. This changes based on a few things: where you’ll have your ceremony, how many people will be there, and if you’ve done your research homework. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about finding the right permits and paperwork, just let me know—when we work together, I’m there for you and can help you figure it all out, no prob. Plus, I’ll never suggest or OK locations where you’re not allowed to elope—we want your elopement to be beautiful, seamless, and legal, too.  


Wedding Permits & Paperwork

There are def a few quick things you need to know about eloping in Breckenridge—I’ve laid them out here for a quick, easy list: 

  • Marriage licenses must be used within 35 days of the issue date in Colorado 
  • You don’t have to get your marriage license in Breckenridge—CO is cool with you getting your license in any county so long as it’s in Colorado 
  • No witnesses are necessary—no officiants, either (we’ll get to that in a second)
  • Licenses cost $30—but some counties might only accept cash, so prepare for that 
  • There’s no waiting period—AKA, if you want to get your license, get married, and turn it back in all in the same 24 hours, that possibility is all yours.
  • You must file the license (in person or by mail) in the county it was issued

**IMPORTANT NOTE** Some of these details might change because of COVID, the best advice I have is to check the county’s site to get all the info you’ll need. 


Everything You Need to Know About Self-Solemnizing

As you’ve probably noticed, Colorado makes the paperwork thing pretty damn easy in general. But you know what? They make it even easier than you could ever imagine by allowing self-solemnization. 

In other words, in Colorado, you can self-solemnize, AKA, you don’t need witnesses or an officiant to make your marriage official. 

You don’t need officiants, you don’t need witnesses, and a marriage can be performed by the couple themselves. No judges, no court magistrates, and no authorized religious officials, and no authorized public officials required. 

Every state has different rules about what “counts” for an official wedding—often, you’ll have to include a witness or two and have an authorized person perform your marriage ceremony. But Colorado? They’re chill—they’re all about couples doing the damn thing all by themselves. 

*BONUS TIP* Because self-solemnization is a thing and witnesses aren’t needed, you can TOTALLY let your pup sign your marriage license with their little paw dipped in ink. I’m all about this. 


Couple sharing their vows near Blue River by Breckenridge


The Top Elopement and Wedding Venues in Breckenridge  

Thinking Breck might be perfect for you? I’m right there with you. If you’re looking for an epic venue in Breck, I’ve got a few recommendations for that, too. 


Rivertree Lodge

This location is surrounded by trees and provides peaceful intimacy. In addition to this, the sound of running water nearby gives an enchanting vibe to the whole setting. Rivertree Lodge accommodates up to 40 guests and is perfect for anyone wanting to avoid crowds and tourists. It’s also close enough to Sapphire Point if you want photos at a second location.


The Lodge at Breckenridge

The Lodge at Breckenridge is a boutique hotel with rustic Colorado charm has a beautiful backdrop of the Rockies. They have a private wedding deck, reception room, and rehearsal dinner location that are all available year-round.


Main Street Station

The Main Street Station is located on South Main in historic Breckenridge, this location has mountain vistas and features flowing rivers that create a stunning backdrop for an unforgettable ceremony. They have both outdoor and indoor spaces to accommodate whatever your elopement vision is.


Breckenridge Nordic Center

This amazing location has scenic views of the mountains and is absolutely breathtaking in the fall. If you want a private, intimate ceremony, the Breckenridge Nordic Center is the place to go—when you book it, you’re guaranteed that you and your guests are the only ones on the property. 


Couple sharing the vows at Sapphire Point in Breckenridge, Colorado



Best Places to Stay in Breckenridge

Breckenridge, and the surrounding areas, are filled with amazing places to stay, some of which even allow you to hold your ceremony. Check them out below!


Breckenridge Elopement Packages

Looking to create your ideal Breckenridge elopement and have it captured by your perfect-fit elopement photographer? Friends, I’m your gal!

Don’t be fooled by the title, I’m so much more than your photographer. I’m there with you EVERY step of the way of your beautiful day, from brainstorming and planning to capturing and documenting your love story on the day you say “I do.”

Want to know more about how I can help you plan your dream Breckenridge elopement? I’ve got you. Here are a few ways that I can be there for you throughout your entire elopement:

  • Exclusive 100-page Elopement Planning Guide for Captured by Marcela Couples
  • 3 Questionnaires that help you get down to the root of what you want to better help you plan your perfect elopement
  • Personalized and detailed elopement recommendations from yours truly
  • Local vendor recommendations
  • Timeline creation that details all the possibilities for your day
  • Packing lists galore

And that’s just the start of it all! From helping you with permits to scouting out the best locations to being on your team through thick and thin, I’m here to help you and your partner craft a day that’s unique, memorable, and perfect for the two of you.


Couple embraced to stay warm during their winter elopement in Breckenridge


Is a Breckenridge Elopement For You? I’ve Got You Covered 

Are you thinking that Breck is the ultimate pick for your special day? I’m so in. I’m here to help you plan the ultimate Breckenridge elopement that’s perfect and authentic to who you are—and I’m also there to help you document your love story in your own authentic, unique, and special way. 

If you’re ready to deepen your love, celebrate your partnership, and wed your partner in an authentic, real, and raw way, I’ve got your back. 

So, let’s chat! If you want to make your Breck elopement dream happen, let’s do this damn thing together. Reach out to me ASAP and I’ll be back to you even faster. 

P.S., want a little extra elopement guidance? Check out my elopement guide right here for a comprehensive look at elopements and how to craft your perfect-for-you day. 

Join the Facebook Community, Mindful Elopements, filled with free resources, free videos, engaging conversations and questions, and other couples that are exactly like you, in the same place, trying to book an adventure elopement and intimate wedding photographer.



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