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When to Elope in Colorado

May 28, 2020

Colorado continues to surprise me with its beauty year-round. Knowing when to elope in Colorado often depends on what activities you want to do during your elopement. You can enjoy a warm July elopement surrounded by wildflowers and sunshine or a crisp colorful September elopement spent sipping on hot cider or even a snow-capped winter elopement spent snowboarding down a mountain after exchanging your vows!

  • Narrowing down when to elope in Colorado also depends on the location you have in mind.
    • There are many beautiful mountain locations that are inaccessible during the winter season because of snow.
    • In the springtime, we also have avalanches that can cause road closures making the location you had in mind now impossible to get to.
  • Learning more about each month and season will also help you know when to elope in Colorado.
    • Colorado is crowded with tourists at different times of the year.
    • If your heart is set on a timeframe that falls during this busy season, consider having a weekday elopement or even a sunrise elopement.
    • This will help ensure more privacy and intimacy during your special day.
    • If you’d rather not worry about that, elope during one of our ‘off’ months when we aren’t as busy.


This seasonal and month-to-month guide should help give you a better idea of when to elope in Colorado.


Weather in Colorado

An important fact to note about the weather in Colorado, is that it is erratic. Storms can roll in out of nowhere and while it might be sunny and warm in the metro area, there could be a blizzard in the mountains. In 2019, it snowed so much that people were skiing on the 4th of July!


My elopement day was supposed to be on June 17th but that day was a continuous torrential downpour. We ended up rescheduling for the next day which was filled with blue skies and sunshine. But even in mid-June, it was 31 degrees on the top of the mountain at sunrise.


That being said, I STRONGLY encourage you to always wear layers no matter when you choose to elope in Colorado. It’s always better to be able to take off a layer and be comfortable than to wear too little and be cold and miserable.



Winter Colorado Elopement

Colorado’s winter lasts from about November – April.



Winter elopements in Colorado are great if you want to cozy up by a crackling fire. It’s also a great time to check out some of our alpine lakes that freeze over. Our winters are filled with fresh powder the caps the mountains. You won’t have to worry about dreary, wet weather. Most winter days are filled with blue skies and sunshine. (Did you know Colorado has over 300 days of sunshine per year?)



During the winter season, many of the mountain roads are closed. This limits the number of locations that are accessible. Depending on which month you want to elope, the mountains can be busy with ski enthusiasts. The days are also shorter meaning less daylight to photograph in (but if you’re planning a sunrise elopement, this also means waking up later!)


November / December

These are some of our busiest winter months. Because of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and winter break, the mountain resorts and towns can be packed with visitors. If you want to elope during these months but still want privacy, I would encourage you to look into a weekday and sunrise elopement. The landscape during these months can also be a bit bleak. The snow is just starting to fall, and it doesn’t stick in lower elevated areas. This makes some of the landscape brown and a bit dull. But because the snow isn’t too high, it’s great for snowshoeing!


January / February

These are our traditional winter months in the mountains. However, the weather in the metro area is much more erratic. You could be walking around in shorts or bracing for a blizzard. January and February are our least busy winter months. So, if you’re wanting more privacy these months might be a better option for your winter elopement.


March / April

Think snow, snow, some more snow, and then a little more snow, and then a lot more snow. We get most of our snow during March and April. This is great if you really want a winter wonderland elopement but keep in mind, we also have a lot of avalanches during these months as well. These avalanches can close locations and road access.


If you want to learn more about how to avoid stress and worry, check out my blog on How to Tell Family and Friends that You’re Eloping.


Spring Colorado Elopement

Colorado’s spring (if you can call it that) lasts from about May – June.



We have some beautiful, warm, golden tones in our sunshine during these months. We also don’t have too many tourists. Your best place to elope in Colorado during the springtime is southern Colorado, especially at the Great Sand Dunes National Park. This desert area is still cool and it’s the perfect time to enjoy the sandy dunes while also avoiding the heat of summer.



Springtime in Colorado is pretty much anything but spring. We have VERY erratic weather during this time. Honestly, Colorado spends these months completely confused and unable to decide if it’s supposed to be winter or summer. Somedays we’ll get 2 feet of snow and the next day it will be 85 degrees and sunny. When it snows, we get a lot of heavy, wet snow. We also get hails storms during this time. On the warmer days, the snow melts quickly causing muddy trails and avalanches. It’s not to say an elopement can’t happen in the springtime, it’s just really hard to plan around because of the unpredictable weather.



There is still lots of snow in the mountains in May. In lower elevation, we’ll start to get some greenery from the snowmelt. Most of the high alpine roads are still closed during this time. Many open after Memorial Day, weather permitting.



There is still snow in the higher altitudes even in June. However, during the day, it begins to warm up but not so much that it’s uncomfortable. This warmth brings more snowmelt. Because of this, the rivers and lakes start to fill up more.



Summer Colorado Elopement

Colorado’s summer lasts from about July – August.



This is such a beautiful time in Colorado. The weather is bright and sunny, the wildflowers are blooming, the days are longer. Our summer months are our only guaranteed snow-free months out of the year. Colorado is also a very dry state meaning there is very little humidity. All the mountain roads are finally open, meaning we have access to so many more gorgeous locations! This time of year also offers more activities like horseback riding, rock climbing, and swimming.



With all this amazingness comes lots of people who want to take part in it. We are very busy with tourists during the summer, making it harder to have an intimate elopement. To avoid that, consider eloping during the week or at sunrise.


July / August

The end of July and early August is typically when we have most of our wildflowers. So, if you imagine eloping in a meadow full of flowers, July is your month. While it might be warm in lower elevations, you can escape the heat by eloping in the high country.


If you want to learn more about how to avoid stress and worry, check out my blog on How Mindfulness Can Help Your Elopement.


Fall Colorado Elopement

Colorado’s fall lasts from about September – October.



Colorado is covered in jaw-dropping fall colors during these months. Most of the state is full of oranges, yellows, and reds. The weather also starts to cool down and is much milder, making it easier to plan an elopement.



The window of fall colors doesn’t last long and varies by elevation. The higher in elevation the earlier the fall colors. Because of the beauty of the landscape, we also have lots of tourists during this time. It’s almost impossible to have a spot for yourself on the weekends. Again, consider a weekday or sunrise elopement. The mountain roads also begin to close at the end of fall in anticipation of the winter snow.



September is our busier fall month. That’s because the mountain roads are still open and it’s also when the colors began to change. The leaves begin to change color in higher elevation in late September. We even have an unofficial holiday called “Color Sunday” in honor of this change. It happens on the last Sunday in September.



October isn’t quite as busy as September but that’s also because our roads start shutting down. It’s possible to get snow during October but it usually never sticks. The leaves begin to change color in lower elevation in early-mid October. So, if you missed seeing them in September you still have time.



No matter when you elope in Colorado, you’re bound to have an amazing time! Each season offers something unique and special. To make the most out of your elopement, make sure to research the time of year you want to elope. For up-to-date information click here!


You’re not alone! I’m here to help you craft the elopement experience of your dreams, leaving you with more time to enjoy and focus on the top priorities on your to-do list. Let’s chat about how I can help!

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"The photos we just got back from Marcela are giving me CHILLS!! They are absolutely stunning!!!

She did SO MUCH more than just photograph us — she created special moments that I’ll cherish forever. She encouraged Con & I to genuinely interact & share intimate moments together. She prompted us to tell each other things that we love about one other, ways that the other person inspires us, & how being together has positively changed us.

It was more than just a beach shoot. We ended up giving each other precious, heart melting encouragement & that makes these photos all the more treasured to me. "


"We had a pre-meet with her before the big day which definitely helped me feel more relaxed going into the wedding day. She gave us great suggestions and things to think about to be ready with on the wedding. On the day of she showed up early to help scope out the venue. She was creative to try and pull extra joy into our photographs.

When I look at these photos I see more than just beautiful images. I feel the moments that Marcela helped us experience and the connection we had.

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She made us comfortable to be ourselves throughout the whole day while making her job look effortless and fun. Our cheeks hurt from smiling, laughing and a few tears.

Marcela captured every precious moment! Her photography is absolutely stunning every way! I highly recommend Marcela for your elopement or wedding!"


"Instead of telling us how to pose or interact with each other, Marcela gave us prompts that seemed simple but made a huge difference.

She asked us to talk about our first date. We discussed the weirdest things we loved about each other (which made us laugh) and how we could fulfill each other’s love languages. Amy and I played games with each other and Marcela captured the energy that happened naturally between us.

I love this shoot because it perfectly captures the love we share. It’s incredible to see that love and admiration encapsulated in a photo! Thank you for this!"

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