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They call me the wanderer.

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 head due north

captured by marcela

…and I didn’t have the elopement experience I wanted. My elopement felt more like a glorified photoshoot rather than a day spent in deep connection with my partner.

I don’t want that for you. I want your elopement to be WAY MORE than just beautiful photos in a breath-taking location. Your elopement should be an experience that explores your love and deepens your relationship.

I want your elopement experience to be the most connective, intentional, and emotive way to unify your love. 

Because of my elopement experience, I’ve changed the way I show up for others, regardless if they are my clients or not. I’m here to add value and to serve you in a much deeper way. I want to empower you to express who you are as a couple by getting married in a way that is authentic to you.


hi there, i'm MArcela

I'm here to help you craft the elopement experience of your dreams and create unforgettable photos that are full of feeling and help you treasure your memories for a lifetime.

If you crave a personalized experience that focuses on intentional moments and genuine connection, I'm your gal!

In being authentic. Be unique, be weird...you do you. I just hope I'm lucky enough to come along for the ride.

Travel is good for the soul. Fresh air, dirt, sunlight, and the wind in your hair - let's adventure together.

In being spontaneous - where should we go today? Close your eyes and pick somewhere, anywhere, and let's go.

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i believe

The suitcase life is still my preferred one. Each destination opens up new ways of thinking and a fresh perspective.

22 countries visited

Lilly is an 11-year old blond lab who loves food and belly rubs. Harley is a 6-year old american bulldog who loves shadows and rocks.

Proud dog mom

Before photography, I taught middle school history. Teaching taught me mindfulness and the importance of building strong relationships.

Former history teacher

My husband and I are building a camper van, named Bubba. I'm excited to explore and for the adventures to come. 

Camper van life

I was born in the beautiful alpine country of Switzerland and grew up in Florida. And yes, our main diet is cheese and chocolate.

I'm Swiss, like the cheese

I lead week-long hikes through the Swiss Alps with Carpe Mundo. We stay in alpine huts, enjoy local cuisine and learn about cheese making!

Alpine hiking guide

a little bit about me...

hugger         avid puzzler         traveler         plant lover (but ultimately killer)

adventure chaser         whiskey sipper         mountain hiker         pasta fiend

berry picker         snowboarder         banjo aficionado         pretzel maker

hugger         avid puzzler         traveler

plant lover (but ultimately killer)

adventure chaser         whiskey sipper

mountain hiker         pasta fiend

berry picker         snowboarder

banjo aficionado         pretzel maker

I live in a small fishing island called Sand Point where I met my amazing husband.


I spent most of my youth by the beautiful beaches in South Florida. 


I was born in Switzerland and spent most of my summers as a child visiting my family.


My summer in Uganda was the most influential time on my life.


I love spending my free time outdoors exploring new locations.


The jungles of Moyobamba were filled with the most exotic animals and waterfalls.


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Travel is in my bones 


You vibin' with me?

If you’re ready to craft an intentional, personalized, and authentic elopement—let’s do this thing.